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Intentional Gratitude

At the suggestion of my deepest friend, she and I–along with one other sojourner–are practicing intentional gratitude for the 40 days leading up to Thanksgiving. So, every morning for the past 9 days I’ve been taking some extra time alone … Continue reading

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Broken Things

I don’t like it when things get broken. Don’t like it one bit. But, God has a hankering for broken things. He has to have them. He searches for messes beyond measure. Because NOTHING lies beyond His restorative reach. NOTHING. … Continue reading

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WANTED: More Hands

When a mission comes to a close, we’re like two horses headed for the feed barn. Hungry for home. We unload. Unpack. Unwind. Reflect. Regroup. Recharge. But, the ecstacy of living out our call is quickly diminished by the news of … Continue reading

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Mission Accomplished – Day 40

Several months ago, my deepest friend pulled me aside…and pulled up a chair. In her hands, compassion and a book. I know her well…and she, me. If she was suggesting that I read something, it was definitely worth the read. The book? One Thousand … Continue reading

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Harvest Hands – Day 38

I couldn’t help but stare at his hands when they welcomed us into their home. Worn with years and sun. Farming his land. Clutching the Word. Making sweet melodies. And hers? Knuckly and slim. Embracing us warmly. Serving up coffee. Tickling the keys. … Continue reading

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On Nights Like These – Day 35

The whole congregation of believers was united as one—one heart, one mind! They didn’t even claim ownership of their own possessions. No one said, “That’s mine; you can’t have it.” They shared everything. They hide a key in case no one’s home when we arrive. Their … Continue reading

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The Stretching – Day 33

We know the feeling. When our faith is being stretched to the max. Relentless pulling and stretching and pulling some more. But, why? Because our faith is still too small. And, while it’s much more comfortable to leave our faith the size that … Continue reading

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The 5th Season – Day 31

Evidence of the changing season surrounds us. Autumn colors line the highways of New England, drawing thousands of tourists who want to drink in this beauty. But even with all the glorious foliage signaling fall’s arrival, this is not the season that captivates us. We … Continue reading

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