Video Gallery

Your Marriage, God’s Mission – Couple Interviews


Video interviews from the pages of our new book!

Weekly Devotion Time

God’s Mission for Us

Talking About Prayer

Seeking God Together

Talking About Leading and Following

Becoming a Spiritual Follower

Talking About Forgiveness

Talking About Brokenness

Fighting Our Fears

Plan Faith

God of the Impossible

Do What You Can

Reconciling Your Differences

Off the Beaten Path

Delays, Questions, and Struggles

The Grief of God’s Mission

Talking About Tribulation

For Those Who Weep

Serve One Another

Mini Marriage Retreat


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2 Responses to Video Gallery

  1. Nancy Ellwood says:

    Clint and Penny,
    I’ve enjoyed watching your videos today and so appreciate you letting people into your hearts and lives to see how God is working! We love you dear folks and press on in your footsteps!

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