A Short-Term Journey with a Long-Term Impact

Clint and Penny Bragg

When God miraculously reconciled our marriage after an eleven-year divorce and a distance of over 3,000 coast-to-coast miles, we understood a vital truth that we completely overlooked the first time around:

God has a mission for every marriage.

Click on the photo to watch our video.

Discovering God’s mission for your marriage is not a program. It’s a process…a counter-culture lifestyle of faith that is ultimately set in motion when, as husbands and wives, we voluntarily and intentionally choose to pursue God together, above everyone and everything else…come what may.

So, what is the Marriage on a Mission experience? To watch our informational video, click here. Simply stated, we’re taking our marriage on a short-term mission to the Holy Land, to help couples discover God’s mission for their marriage.

As marriage missionaries, we’ve been on some wild adventures, but the Marriage on a Mission experience promises to be unprecedented. As with any epic journey, there are many things we’re unsure of and, quite frankly, we know it’s supposed to be that way. Here is what we do know:

  • WE WILL capture this short-term mission on video; a pilgrimage to the Holy Land, Athens, Corinth, and several other surrounding cities from February 13-28, 2011.


  • WE WILL need a prayer team to participate with us in the days prior to, during, and after this journey is complete.
  • WE WILL help other couples discover God’s mission for their marriages by making Marriage on a Mission available via workbook and DVD, as a follow-up to our Marriage on the Mend book and workbook.
  • WE WILL proclaim that God is faithful and that He will fill in all the details and financial provision we need at just the right time.
  • WE WILL take this step of faith; banking every risk on the security of God’s unchanging Word.

Wailing Wall in Jerusalem

“This is my command–be strong and courageous! Do not be afraid or discouraged. For the Lord your God is with you wherever you go.” Joshua 1:9

Check out the other pages and links on this website to find out how you can partner with us to discover God’s mission for your marriage.

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2 Responses to A Short-Term Journey with a Long-Term Impact

  1. Denise dodson says:

    Hello I just saw your book advertisement on can. I’ve been married 23 years ( 2nd marriage). Our kids are grown but not yet financially independent. My daughters family lives with us as well as our 19 yr old and 31 yr old( health issues). My husband are complacent in our marriage. He has his friends and I have the grandkids. I feel I am merely existing and an accident a couple weeks ago landed me with broken ribs. I’m not happy with my marriage.i will try your book. Thank you

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