He Once was Lost, but Now is Found!

I tell this brief account of our first morning in Athens with Clint’s full permission. Basically, Clint got really, really lost when he went to pick up the rental car out of the parking garage. Let’s just say that there are way too many one-way streets, motor scooters, and taxi drivers in downtown Athens. I had stayed with our gear and our guide in the hotel lobby. (Note to self: next time, send the guide WITH Clint. It doesn’t take two people to watch our gear.) Of course, for the entire 90 minutes that Clint was gone (a.k.a. lost big time!) I ran various scenarios in my mind for news headlines. “Florida man lost in Athens. Wife delirious and stranded.”) Our guide, Voula, and I had our first opportunity to pray together on the curb outside the hotel where we were pacing back and forth. It’s late and we have a full day tomorrow, but I must at least post this photo of our guide, Voula, when Clint finally rounded the corner and came into view down the street. Oh wait, I can’t hit the pillow just yet, Clint started laughing uncontrollably (I think it’s the jet lag) and wanted me to add this: “Don’t forget to mention there was a public transportation strike today and there are 4 million people in Athens, stray dogs dart in and out of traffic, the names of the streets are in Greek, I didn’t have an international cell phone, we left the international driver’s license in your backpack (good thing you and Voula were guarding it haha.) Oh yeah, and I forgot to take the hotel address with me because I didn’t think I’d get lost. After all the parking garage was only two blocks around the corner.” Clint is still laughing by the way. Good night. Sleep well. I know we will!

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2 Responses to He Once was Lost, but Now is Found!

  1. Sharon says:

    Oh.My.Gosh. Glad you both still have your sense of humor after that. But you know? God knew where Clint was ALL the time. I wonder what He kept you safe from? Jesus, thank you for guiding Clint back to Penny and for always knowing where we are every minute of the day. . . Thank you for the things learned from this experience and for the laughter that came from it. 🙂

    Love you!

  2. Jennifer Garcia says:

    So glad Clint could laugh hysterically! I’ll have to tell you sometime about getting lost in Paris, France. So glad you made it safely. May God bless your trip, stay safe, we’re praying for you! Love you

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