Expect the Unexpected

The longer we journey with Christ, the more He impresses upon our hearts that with Him, we must always expect the unexpected. ALWAYS. He reminded us of this truth again this afernoon as we finished up our last few hours of this mission. This photo is the perfect visual for what we’re trying to explain…colorful snapdragons growing from the edifice of the Church of the Holy Sepulchre in Jerusalem–a church that marks the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. How fitting. We had only entered the courtyard of the church to escape the crowds and rest our feet for a few minutes. It was during our time of rest that we noticed the flowers growing about twenty-five feet up near the entrance of the church. Looks just like something God would do, doesn’t it?

What a reminder to us that we serve a God who can bring forth water from a rock (or grow flowers from hard stone!). We believe in a God who can take a dead marriage and breathe new life into it. We love a God who delights in giving unmerited gifts to His children. And, we worship a God in whom all things truly are possible. All things!

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1 Response to Expect the Unexpected

  1. Sharon says:

    He absolutely can. Amen.
    Have a safe trip back to the States.

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