The Muck of the Mission

In case no one told you, God’s mission will include muck…a lot of muck. Because, for as much as His mission has eternal impact, you’re still walking it out on earth. A fallen world filled with dense brokenness; yours and the brokenness of others. Muck is thick. It’s deep. If you’re not careful, it will swallow you into itself. The deeper you sink, the harder it is to get out. Stuck in muck. Been there. Not pretty.

What is the remedy for release? Intention.

Intention. Intentional. Intentionality. What do those words really mean? Deliberate. Willful. Planned. Purposeful. An act or instance of determining mentally upon some action or result. 

Intentionality about what? That depends on the leading of the Holy Spirit. For one, it could be intentional prayer. For another, it could be intentional gratitude. Whatever form or substance intentionality takes in you, the core of it must be the pursuit of God. Not the pursuit of a person. Not the pursuit of a way out. The pursuit of God–His presence with you right there in the middle of the muck. And, as hard as it may be to believe this now, when you intentionally pursue the presence of a holy God in the middle of the unholy muck of His mission, you may actually find that you’d like to linger there a little longer.

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1 Response to The Muck of the Mission

  1. Sharon says:

    Muck. You step in it when you least expect it sometimes, but God is an expectant God and He teaches us in and through the muck. He is always with us in the muck and shows the path through it. Amen. Thank you, God.

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