The Myrrh of God’s Mission

There are two kinds of pain. The pain of being outside God’s will, and the pain of being inside God’s will. Having experienced both, I’d take the latter any day.

Jesus was extremely clear when He warned that living out God’s mission would include trouble and pain (John 16:33). All God’s saints suffered in some manner. So, what does myrrh have to do with our suffering?

In ancient times, the oil of myrrh (which appears in many places throughout the holy Scriptures) was exuded from the leaves and stems of a small, thorny shrub. However, in order to increase the flow of myrrh, which was an extremely expensive commodity, the bush was artificially beaten or slashed. As the tree was torn open, myrrh flowed forth in great quantity. A priceless and rare treasure. Lest we forget, it was myrrh that was mixed to create the holy oil used to anoint priests and kings (Exodus 30:23, 1 Kings 1:39).

The Apostle Paul, who was well-acquainted with peril, spoke very vividly about the trials of his mission. Although Paul’s suffering seems rather extensive if you ask me, he never backed off from what God had called him to do. NEVER. If anything, Paul used his troubles to propel God’s purpose.

The temptation to shrink back from suffering is immense. But, there is no evidence in God’s Word that tribulation’s purpose is to make us give up.

Suffering mustn’t be considered a hazard, but a hallmark; a signifying, distinctive stamp of quality, purity, and sacred anointing. 

Every single trial we encounter, as we live out God’s mission, comes with His redemptive purpose and provision when we fully believe in the promises of His Word and the faithful God who made them.

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