Never Alone – Day 3

Her husband left her and their baby just after Christmas, 2009. Courageously she walks this wilderness with integrity. With grace.

Parenting alone. Sleeping alone. Waking alone. Waiting alone. And yet I see that, clearly, she is never really alone. She wears Him well…choosing to fully embrace her high call to
faith without sight. Hope against all hope.

I watch her and she moves me brave. Moves my spirit. And, every time she raises her hands in
worship, her valley of trouble becomes a door of Hope. (Tennessee – Day 3/40)

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4 Responses to Never Alone – Day 3

  1. Charlene says:

    Beautiful example of how we shout God’s love in the midst of our suffering.

  2. Dick & Joni Boyle says:

    Your writing moves me! God’s ability to hold us and fill us to overflowing in the desert simply amazes me! I have walked through that door of Hope and found Him! Joni

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