Because – Day 16

When we’ve driven for days into what feels like the middle of nowhere…

When it’s only day 16 and we’re already weary and slowing…

When we’ve lugged books and handouts and handouts and books and suitcases and laptops and Bibles and duffel bags in and out of the van…in and out of hotels…in and out of host homes, all for the umpteenth time…

It’s easy to start questioning: “God, why are we even doing this?” 

To which He always responds,


Couples' Retreat - Jay, Maine

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3 Responses to Because – Day 16

  1. Cheri says:

    You are BRINGING HOPE to people.. which instills people to Believe God for the Impossible for them….their Resurrection. You are a Testimony to the Impossible, to His Resurrection Power. To His ability to Redeem and Restore, what the locusts have eaten…you bring HOPE and you don’t know how many Souls are being impacted by your willingness to step out in Faith and Obey what you know to be His voice directing you, guiding you, as you go on this 40 day mission trip. America needs a Revival in Marriages/Families… Clint and Penny, we need your voice. Thank You, for ALL you are doing for hurting/dead Marriages and Families…thank you.

    • Cheri, thank you for these words of encouragement and depth. We are deeply touched. Sometimes, it is as if we are swimming upstream…because we are! We know this is just part of walking on the Narrow Way of Christ. Oh, that we may follow Him without reservation or selfishness!

      • Cheri says:

        May the Lord Bless you both with HIS GREAT GRACE…His empowering ability, to do His Will…For Such a Time as This. We Need You and Your Testimony of His Redeeming Love…Your are a Light in the Darkness, Your Testimony is a Hope for us, when Hope seems gone…You are His Voice to Rise Up and have Faith in His Divine Interventions..His Proclaim His ability to Heal, Restore, Rebuild..I appreciate you and what you are doing for soo many of us, who are fighting up stream, but for a Wonderful reason.

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