That Voice

There’s anguish on the other end of the line as she cries out through sniffs and snot, “Last night was bad! Really, REALLY bad!”

I’m straining to hear what she’s really trying to say.

“What does ‘really bad’ look like?” I ask…for lack of a better question.

“I can’t go on like this. The pain is just too much. I don’t want to live anymore.” 

My heart breaks and for a split second, I forget. I forget who God is…forget what He promises…forget what He can do. For a moment, I get lost in, “no husband and no money and no job and no home and no future and and and…” She’s going down for the third time and I know it.

But all of a sudden, I hear Something. Someone deep within my heart. That Voice. His Voice! You know the One.

That Voice that shakes us and wakes us…

To remember! To petition! To proclaim! To declare! 


So we wage war on “no husband” by calling on our Husband.

We wage war on “no money” by calling on our Portion.

We wage war on “no job” by calling on our Provider.

We wage war on “no home” by calling on our Dwelling Place.

And, we wage war on “no future” by calling on the our Destiny!

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  1. cheri says:

    thank you…

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