The Hunger of God’s Mission

When we were married the first time in 1989, it took less than two years for us to become another casualty in our church. We had it all backwards; chasing after God’s mission instead of chasing after our Maker. As a result, we bottomed out big time.

When God miraculously reconciled our marriage on August 17, 2002, we knew we couldn’t leave well enough alone.

August 17, 2002

So, we set an intentional course to pursue God together, as a couple. And, in the course of pursuing God, He revealed His mission for our marriage…a mission we never saw coming.

Marriage Missionaries

So make no mistake and, by all means, please learn from ours…

You must hunger for God far more than you hunger for God’s mission.

(Taken from our upcoming 40-week devotional, Marriage on a Mission–A Short-Term Journey with a Long-Term Impact, Inverse Ministries)

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3 Responses to The Hunger of God’s Mission

  1. Melanie says:

    This speaks to us (it shouts to us), Recent lost ministry had us searching for God’s mission, but with your words we can see that it’s much more simple than that. We will place all our praise at the foot of the throne and allow the King to move us into position of service. Thank you for this devine guidance. We love you both!

    • Melanie…dearest Melanie… We are praying for you and Dan…knowing that as painful as this loss has been for you, He is surely on the move in your lives in unimagineable ways. We love you both so much. Psalm 37:3-6

  2. melizaga says:

    This is for me on this day… oh BGS, struggling and have to keep refocusing back on His face…
    I love you and Clint so much!! Your hearts for Him continually bless mine in ways there are just no words for… 10 years… 10 years?? PRAAAAAISE JESUS!! Happy, happy anniversary!!!!!!

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