Plan Faith

In a world run by blueprints, plans, and protocols, most of us are hard-pressed to embarkwordl-map-wallpaper-4.png on a mission without a detailed map of some sort. These days, it almost seems irresponsible not to possess a Plan B. But, as we’ve searched the scriptures and “meditated on them day and night,” we haven’t found one shred of evidence where God asked His people for a Plan B. However, we did notice that many of God’s people asked Him for back-up plan, when their faith ran low and impossibility ran high.

Plan Faith - Baby StepsMany times in our walk with God, we’ve been reluctant to let go of the things that seemed to bring us safety and comfort. As a result, we knew God had to pass us by because we were unwilling to leave what appeared to be the security of our surroundings, in order to step out onto a pathway we couldn’t see, or worse…a pathway that seemed certain to include a “questionable climate.” Such is the pathway of plan faith.

With all our technological advances, most of us can quickly gain access to more information and provision at the touch of an app. When we grow tired of what we have, we swipe the screen and get something different. But, our advances in “instant everything” have atrophied the muscles of our faith. 

We want great faith, but we don’t want the work, wrestling, and pain it takes to get it. God won’t stand for that.

When we finally starting letting go of our inhibitions and grabbed a greater hold of plan faith, God began taking us (literally and spiritually) to places we never imagined we would go.

But, He did it in His own way…

Plan Faith - Overlooking Jericho

The way of Plan Faith.

(Excerpt taken from Marriage on a Mission–A Short-Term Journey with a Long-Term Impact, Plan Faith)

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