Day 8 – At the Cross

IMG_0441Today we concluded our teaching at the Bridge to Life Couples’ Getaway in Jugville, MI. It  was time to place our hearts at the foot of the cross and there, make a divine exchange: sorrow for joy, pain for peace, doubt for faith, sin for pardon.

The cross is the only place in all of human history where two ends of the spectrum coexisted (more like coIMG_0461llided!): Love and wrath, God’s two extremes, were divinely reconciled at the cross. God’s love and wrath were poured out and fused together by the Holy Spirit’s ministry of reconciliation at the exact moment of Christ’s sacrifice. This is the true power of the cross and it is the only force that can reconcile the extremes in your lif…those things Satan wants to use to divide and conquer you. Remember, he will stop at nothing to make sure God’s mission is stopped.

IMG_0460When the extremes of God coexisted and were reconciled at the cross—the exact moment when love (one extreme) and wrath (the other extreme) collided and the veil was torn—we were not only given the spiritual power to overcome all darkness, but the plumbline by which we are to live out the rest of our lives for God, straight and true.


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