Day 20 – Break the Pitcher, Blow the Trumpet!

Oftentimes during our missions, friends, ministry partners, and/or fellow so-journers send us some much-needed fuel for the Fire. This was sent by a woman who is all three (and more). She had NO idea that at the moment we received her e-mail, we had JUST pulled off the road to refill our lamps with oil.

“The sword of the Lord, and of Gideon.” Judges 7:20
“Gideon ordered hIMG_0496is men to do two things: covering up a torch in an earthen pitcher, he bade them, at an appointed signal, break the pitcher and let the light shine, and then sound with the trumpet, crying, ‘The sword of the Lord, and of Gideon! The sword of the Lord, and of Gideon!’ This is precisely what all Christians must do. First, you must shine; break the pitcher which conceals your light; throw aside the bushel which has been hiding your candle, and shine. Let your light shine before men; let your good works be such, that when men look upon you, they shall know that you have been with Jesus. Then there must be the sound, the blowing of the trumpet. There must be active exertions for the ingathering of sinners by proclaiming Christ crucified. Take the gospel to them; carry it to their door; put it in their way; do not suffer them to escape it; blow the trumpet right against their ears.” ~ Charles Spurgeon

Break the pitcher! Let His light shine! Sound the trumpet! Oh, may they know we have been with Jesus!

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