Berlin – Day 8


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4 Responses to Berlin – Day 8

  1. says:

    Good Morning, I am not sure if I got all your posts, for some reason but am looking forward to each one. Prayed for y’all first thing this morning. Life continues to be stressful and I hope next month will be better. I am looking forward to your book signing at Jakob’s Well. Peace and blessings, Donna

  2. Good evening, dear sister. Remembering you in prayer. Grateful for your note here. I am really looking forward to the book signing too. The books should be there when we get back from Berlin.

  3. Elizabeth Sundburg says:

    What was the encounter?

  4. Peace. Indescribable peace. We all sensed it. It was quite profound. Also, the piece of artwork we were displaying was about God’s forgiveness and when we “randomly” walked into the park to get started with the reading and prayer time, the word “forgiveness” was written on a large rock. Unbelievable!

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