Hit the Send Button

As we write this, we’ve just submitted our second manuscript to our publisher. It’s a humbling thing to have the chance to write again, and to proclaim that God indeed has a mission for EVERY marriage. This new book (which is scheduled to be released by Kregel in 2017) includes 30 videos of 9 amazing couples. Readers will be able to access these interviews via QR codes which will be imbedded in the text. We’re looking forward to sharing these special couples with you in the future as we count down to the book’s launch. (Pictured below are Bill and Deb. God restored their marriage after a seven-year divorce. We had the privilege of attending their re-wedding ceremony!)IMG_9625

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1 Response to Hit the Send Button

  1. Elizabeth Sundburg says:

    Sounds really good.  Hope there is a way I can see the videos as I still don’t have a smart phone.

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