Free – Introduction and Chapter 1

IMG_8849It’s taken seven years for our new book, Your Marriage, God’s Mission to get from concept to print. Our hope is that it will help couples understand that God has a specific mission for every marriage and that they can take steps to begin discovering that mission and carrying it out today. Now.

Read the introduction and chapter 1 of Your Marriage, God’s Mission by clicking here.

Here is just one of several couples you’ll hear from through the pages of the book via QR code. Meet Eugene and Ruth of Daytona Beach, FL.


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2 Responses to Free – Introduction and Chapter 1

  1. thornrose7 says:

    Love the scripture and love y’all. I know something is up with this book as the day I first started reading it, I came under heavy attack from the enemy. Bill and I argued nearly all day and that has NEVER happened before. Basic miscommunication as well as the stress of our life. Peace, Donna PS today was better.

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