Day 1 Video – 2018, Fall Marriage Mission

Heading out on our 17th Marriage Mission Trip in the morning!

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8 Responses to Day 1 Video – 2018, Fall Marriage Mission

  1. Corinne Lake says:

    Well done my Friends! I am committed to praying for you. Specifically praying Proverbs 3:5-6 over you. God bless you and show loving kind favor for a healthy and safe trip.

  2. Paul R Mader says:

    Clint & Penny,
    I will be praying for the forthcoming Godly encounters coming your way!
    if you drive thru the Dublin area please give me a call. Be Blessed.
    Paul Mader

  3. Edie O'Dell says:

    God be with you, Penny and Clint! We will be praying for all of your requests and for your health and safety. May God be glorified through you. Love you so much, Edie and Gene

  4. Elizabeth Sundburg says:

    I saw your day one video but could not get sound with it.

  5. Annie Jones says:

    Praying. Love you.

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