Across all Cultures

It doesn’tmater where we go…in the states or abroad…we hear the same story over and over. Marriages outside and inside the church are crumbling because of a shaky foundation and increased pressures from the world. There are no interventions for marriages that are struggling in Greece. The divorce rate is high. Couples do not want others to know they are having problems. The economy here is pinching every Euro from famlies. Sound familiar? Last night, we had a Divine appointment with Pastor Dino Russo and we were able to share our story and some of our materials with him. We are grateful for this opportunity and pray that somehow, it helps to make a difference for the Kingdom.

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6 Responses to Across all Cultures

  1. Karen says:

    You bet it makes a difference! Unfortunately, your ministry is still unique among Christian workers. I pray that from among the many couples you encourage, at least four more marriage missionaries will arise, and so on, exponentially, until divorce is once more the exception to the rule.

  2. Brandon Drake says:

    Bless you. The enemy is attacking the core of our society…the family. I pray that your work will be blessed beyond imagine!

  3. Allan & Mildred Hunt says:

    “Heart-to-Heart” Couples in Bermuda have not forgotten you two wonderful couple! You are being wonderfully used by the Lord in the Holy Lands! Your “Our Marraige Committment” page from your book on God’s vision for marriage along with your website address was used as a table decoration on hearts at our Brunch & “Honouring the Vows” Fireside Chat on Sunday, February 13th. and distributed to over 150 people here in Bermuda. Be encouraged! You are helping more couples / marriages than you will ever know. Only heaven will reveal the manifold blessings!

    • Oh dear friends and partners in ministry…We send you a SHALOM from the Holy Land. How your kindness fell so sweetly on our hearts. Thank you for taking the time to tell us about this. It means more than you can even imagine! Bless you and know that we carry you in our hearts during our time here in Jerusalem! Psalm 122

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