Putting the Pieces Back Together

As we walked around the ruins of ancient Philippi today, our hearts cried out, “Yes, God can piece together the ruins of any relationship. To this, we bear witness!” It was absolutely overwhelming to walk around this ancient city and to see how carefully archaeologists have been working for decades to put all the recovered pieces back together and to construct meaning from their findings. So many times when relationships are broken, we just want a quick fix. But true, deep healing requires attention to detail, time, and a process of God’s choosing. It takes careful study to learn from the past, in order to create meaning for the present and future. Healing cannot be haphazard, but it must be an active and intentional pursuit of God, the only One who can put the pieces of our ruins back together.

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3 Responses to Putting the Pieces Back Together

  1. Jeff Hamlin says:

    You got it right on the button there. We all have problems with patience from time to time, especially when we want to find our way out of hard situations. But in John 11:1-44, Jesus knew the right time to act when raising Lazarus. Who are we to argue with our Savior?

    • His timing is ALWAYS perfect. Thanks for your comment, Jeff. We know you are on the Narrow Way of faith too. No better place to be. We just have to believe and trust Him…no matter how things may appear right now.

  2. Sharon says:

    His timing and His ways are always best. We do well to trust Him fully with that.

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