All in a Day

I’m not sure I can even begin to summarize our experiences today, but I must at least write down a few highlights.

We left for Jericho early this morning. When we arrived there, we were given free passes for the tram that climbs up into the mountains and free passage to film lessons for couples up at that location. What amazing answers to prayer! The lessons we planned to film focused on giving couples the Biblical history of Joshua and the Israelites’ battle to take down Jericho, as well as several marital applications with regard to facing their own Jerichos on the  journey to find God’s mission for their marriages.  Interestingly enough, we would each have our own mini-Jerichos to deal with. 1. In the rush to get everything loaded and take full advantage of what we had been given, Clint left our wireless microphones in the van which was, of course, way down at the base of the mountain. 2. I got locked in the bathroom. Yes, I really did. Short of marching around the toilet seven times, sounding a trumpet, and giving a loud shout, someone eventually came to my rescue. We did manage to film both lessons today which testifies to the fact that Jericho is still a place of miracles.

After leaving Jericho, we headed to the Beth She’an National Park to take additional footage. We had to pass through several military check-points as we drove through the Judean wilderness. During the filming of the ancient ruins of Beth She’an, we ended up sharing our testimony of ruin and restoration with our guide. It was astounding to stand in a place that had seen such devastation and reconstruction and to have the opportunity to share God’s miracle in our marriage right there in that place! What a visual!

At one point in the afternoon, I sensed God drawing me over to an area where there were all kinds of items that had been excavated from the site, numbered, and recorded…but not yet placed into the re-construction of the city. Clint was ready with the video camera and we were able to spontaneously capture the truth that God was impressing on our hearts in those moments. On the journey to discover God’s mission for your marriage, you will come upon places and things from your past that may not yet be placed into your story. God often reserves those things for just the right time and the right place. They are important pieces of your marriage story, although they may sit off to the side for a while, sometimes even years. They may also represent pieces of your past that you would rather leave unearthed, due to the pain and sin involved. However, when your ruins are placed into the hands of God, those very places can be used in a powerful way. They actually serve to complete God’s bigger picture. We’ve experienced that truth many times.

On the way back from Beth She’an, we had one last adventure. I don’t know that I’ve ever heart a blast quite what I heard today. Suddenly, the road up ahead of us was shut down. As we sat there on the highway, there were several more blasts and much smoke and dust continued to arise. I was okay with the first blast. A tiny bit startled with the second one. But, numbers three and four actually shook inside my chest. I looked over at Clint (who was calm and smiling) and thought, “Oh, the places we go!” There never seems to be a dull moment when I am wearing my Plan Faith shoes. Never.

Everything must have been alright because they opened the road back up after about ten minutes and now, we are back in Jerusalem. We are dirty, sweaty, and exhausted from a full day. But, our hearts are VERY grateful.

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2 Responses to All in a Day

  1. Karen says:

    Reading this blog is like being there with you (except for feeling the explosions!). The metaphors are so deep and true. Thank you for sharing, even when you are exhausted.

  2. Micki Ann Harris says:

    “However, when your ruins are placed into the hands of God, those very places can be used in a powerful way. They actually serve to complete God’s bigger picture.”

    My favorite quote…thank you!

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