Heart Hunger

God has a mission for your marriage; an earthly mission that will have a heavenly impact. And, He knows you’ve been hungering for something more. He put that heart hunger inside of you. But, there’s a catch.

      This is the dividing line for many. Countless people before you have gotten to this exact place and totally missed the boat. Why? Because instead of hungering after God and letting Him reveal His mission for their marriage, they hungered for the mission. Under the guise of good intentions, they crafted their own plans to fill the void in their hearts with God’s mission instead of with God Himself.

    Get one thing straight: Your heart must hunger for God, more than for God’s mission.

   When we were married to each other the first time, it took less than two years for us to become another casualty in the Church. We chased after the mission, instead of chasing after our Maker. We had everything backwards. We put the cart before the horse. As a result, we bottomed out. We may sound like a broken record when we repeat over and over again that discovering God’s mission for your marriage is about discovering God. You are on a discovery mission; a mission to follow everything the Father tells you, to be joined to Jesus Christ in a deeper way, and to heed the Holy Spirit in every area of your lives together.

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3 Responses to Heart Hunger

  1. Sharon says:

    Penny, this is so very true. You HAVE to hunger after the one who gives you your mission. HE has the plan, but He wants a relationship with you more than what you accomplish for Him. Absolutely.

  2. Jeff Hamlin says:

    I have been learning this very lesson for the past 6 months now. I know that as long as I hunger for God and His word first, then he will add everything unto me. As my anniversary approaches tomorrow, I rest in the knowledge that He has everything in His hands.

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