One Baby Step

Over the years we’ve been reconciled and in ministry, we’ve realized how much of God’s mission is fueled by faith. You know…it’s the kind of faith that makes your armpits sweat. The fearless leaping kind of faith. The bounding over mountains kind of faith. The free-fall with no safety net kind of faith. Although the motive is never to gain attention, others can’t help but take notice when you leap, bound, and free-fall.

Yes, on God’s mission, that kind of remarkable faith is sometimes required. However, more often than not, it is the one…little…tiny…baby…seemingly obscure step of faith–made during a totally private moment alone with God–that will serve as THE most powerful catalyst to ignite His heart and move His hand.

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1 Response to One Baby Step

  1. Micah says:

    Yes! Baby steps of every day faithfulness! Thank you!

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