A Little Closer – Day 25

Every Sunday evening for the last nine years, we’ve chased after God together.

We open His Word and feast on it. Chewing and chewing on every morsel; taking it down into ourselves…into our marriage.

We discuss those in need of prayer…and we pray for them…and for each other.

And, every Sunday night for the last nine years, the Holy Spirit has shown up. He has never missed a meeting.

And, every Sunday night for the last nine years, He has taken us a little closer to God…and to each other.

(View our weekly devotional time in action on our free podcast website. Click on #13 entitled, “Developing a Weekly Strategy.”)

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5 Responses to A Little Closer – Day 25

  1. nathan and kelley dugay says:

    because of you guys nathan and i also meet together every sunday for our devotions together and we now pray every night together it has definitley brought us closer together and made our marriage stronger…we love you guys alot and we thank you for all your advice

  2. Cheri says:

    Thank you for those Sunday night prayers where you have brought me an mine to God’s Throne of Grace…Asking Him to Do-it-Again…bring back to Life another Dead Marriage/Family..bring Home another Produgal…Set Free another one who has been taken Captive..Release the much needed finances…make away where there seems to be no way…an on an on an on..you do this Clint an Penny because You are moved with His Love..to touch a hurting people…whomever He brings in that path, the Love in you Gives…thank you

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