Day 12 – Hiding the Word

photo“As a goal for this year, I’m going to memorize the Book of 1John.”

“Seriously?” I asked Clint, rather surprised.

“Seriously.” he answered.

Ever since Clint shared this desire with me, I’ve watched and prayed as he has taken two verses at a time and written them out repeatedly on sheets of lined paper. I hear him saying the verses out loud, at times, and I’ve noticed that there’s a special quiet place he goes to in his mind when he’s memorizing them. He’s been at it for month’s.

It’s been fascinating to observe the methods by which Clint is determined to hide 105 verses in his heart. More than memorizing and reciting the verses, however, what I’ve noticed is that the Word is coming out in everything he does, especially when facing a problem or praying over someone in need. He is hiding God’s Word in his heart, but it’s leaking out all over…and it’s a beautiful thing.

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4 Responses to Day 12 – Hiding the Word

  1. mgelizaga says:


    Slay me…

    1 John.. Oh my!!!!

    Clint’s heart… Your choice of words…

    You guys are altogether leaky…

    BGS, last night made this journey so worth it.. If that was what this time in Japan was about then, great. Oh my… I got to express His love to one of my closest friends here so far… I met her a week after her first time to church… She literally showed up on my door step drained of all hope and strength… And that was huge right there for her to do… ‘impose’ like that. I got to hug her and hold her and cry with her.. It was so holy. I am beyond blessed and I’m so with you… Ministry of holding… Where do I sign up?

    And I think it’s been confirmed with the hug that followed in the mail!!!! Oh my… He’s blowing my mind and wrecking my heart…

    I want to see others with pure love like He does… No judgement, no agenda… Just love, love and more love… And squeeze them while I’m at it… It is so much sweeter to give than receive…

    I love you BGS!!!!!

    Praying you guys are leak leaking all over the place!!!!! 😉

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  2. I love this — and it means he is “washing you with the Word.”. What a blessing!

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