Day 38 – It’s Never Too Late

When God miraculously reconciled our marriage in 2002, He put a desire in us to ask forgiveness from the people whose hearts were broken when we divorced. Over the years, God has allowed us to make contact with almost every person He placed on our hearts. We even had the chance to return to the church where we were married in 1989, share our testimony, and ask forgiveness for breaking our marriage vows.


Mission to Haiti, 1990

But, until recently, there was one person we’d been unable to locate. We met Janet on a mission trip to Haiti in 1990 and soon became friends. However, by the time she came to visit us after the trip, our marriage was on the rocks. Janet stayed with us only a few days, but I (Penny) had one foot out the door during her entire visit. Needless to say, our time together was extremely awkward and we never had contact with one another again.

Fast forward 23 years and a God who can reach into any relationship–no matter how much time and sin has passed–and touch it with His healing hands. This Thursday morning, October 10th from 10:00-11:00AM (Eastern Time) Clint and I will interview Janet on our WAPN radio broadcast! Only God! What a way to close out this mission on Day 40!


Tune in and listen to what God alone has done by visiting the WAPN Radio website and clicking on the “listen” button during the show. We will also feature a live call in prayer line for those who want prayer for the reconciliation of a relationship. The number to call during the broadcast is 386-673-2495. You can also submit an online prayer request through the WAPN website.

P.S. Lest we ever think it’s “just too late” to write that letter of apology, make that phone call, find that person. Perhaps God is already bringing someone to mind…

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