Hitting the Road Again

We are in the final days of preparation before we leave on our 12th mission. While this trip is a bit shorter than what we’re used to, we know God will take us on an adventure. If you notice we’ll be in your area and you need prayer, email us at reconcile@inverseministries.org

September 2nd – On the road again! We will drive north for a few days toward our first engagement.

Sept. 5-7th – Black Rock Congregational Church, Fairfield CT.

Sept. 8-13th – We have several group and individual meetings in the New York area. Then we will drive west for some meetings in the Grand Rapids area.

Sept. 14th – Gospel Fellowship Church, Chicago, IL. We will be sharing our testimony.

Sept, 15-18th – We have meetings along the way as we drive south. God only knows of the Divine appointments as well.

Sept. 19-21st – Tomoka Christian Church, Ormond Beach, FL. We will be leading a weekend seminar for couples.

Sept. 22nd – Rejoice and give praise for another amazing mission.


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