Day 1- Settling In

We’ve set out on eleven marriage mission trips prior to this one. While each trip is unique, there are also a few similarities.

1. It takes about 100 miles for the ice to settle in the cooler and for us to settle into our road-seats.

2. We are always overwhelmed
by the encouragement and prayer support we receive via email, phone, text, and post as we depart.

3. We always forget something. This time it was a jacket and some cash. We’ll stop and get both at some point.

4. God reminds us that He is fully in control over every mile we tread. This is HIS mission, not ours. And Jesus is still the answer to every problem we will face along the way.


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2 Responses to Day 1- Settling In

  1. You folks have a fruitful trip! Every time I look at one of our DVD sets, i give thanks again for the two of you and your faithfulness and generosity. Love your reports along the way. They are great reminders for me to remain faithful in my prayers for you. If your route ever brings you close to northwest Arkansas, we would love to see you.


    • Conlee,

      How sweetly your comment fell upon our hearts as we travel onward. Oh, how often we think of you and Signa and our amazing week together filming The Journey. We will definitely let you know when we are in your area. Bless you both.

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