Beyond Hope?

B497DF7A-9077-4A35-BEA4-848CD1F4207DMany would argue that Carolyn’s marriage was beyond hope. Her husband moved out. They divorced. He remarried and even moved out of the country.

Against all odds. Against all hope. Carolyn kept seeking God. Following Him. Being content with only Him.

And one day, the tide began to turn.

With God, we are never beyond hope. NEVER.

You can read more of Carolyn’s story (and those of many others) in our new book, Marriage Off Course: Trusting God in the Desert of Unwanted Separation and Divorce.
MOC Cover

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1 Response to Beyond Hope?

  1. Elizabeth Sundburg says:

    Penny, I would like to read Carolyn’s attached.  It is too small.  How can I enlarge it?

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