But One Day…

img_1285Bill’s marriage to Deb was o.v.e.r. There were NO visible signs of reconciliation on the horizon. Each time we met with Bill, our hearts were heavy with longing. I vividly remember the day we placed a photo of him and Deb in the middle of a table in a restaurant while we held Bill’s hands and prayed for a miracle. We asked God that one day, Deb would be in that prayer circle with us.

Several years passed, but one day in God’s perfect time and way, it happened. We even had the privilege and joy of attending their remarriage ceremony. You can read more of their story in our latest book, Marriage Off Course.


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3 Responses to But One Day…

  1. Bill Robertson says:

    Surprised and humbled to read the words in your blog this evening. Deb and I will be forever grateful to both of you for being there for us as we came back together as husband and wife. We continue to pray for men and women who are waiting for their miracle as well.

  2. thornrose7 says:

    Great job, y’all. Praying for much ministry to come from this book. Missing y’all always. Donna

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