Focus on the Family, Here We Come!

On Tuesday, January 22nd we will be fully engaged in several interviews at Focus on the Family in Colorado Springs, CO. We are excited about this opportunity and would appreciate your prayers.

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But One Day…

img_1285Bill’s marriage to Deb was o.v.e.r. There were NO visible signs of reconciliation on the horizon. Each time we met with Bill, our hearts were heavy with longing. I vividly remember the day we placed a photo of him and Deb in the middle of a table in a restaurant while we held Bill’s hands and prayed for a miracle. We asked God that one day, Deb would be in that prayer circle with us.

Several years passed, but one day in God’s perfect time and way, it happened. We even had the privilege and joy of attending their remarriage ceremony. You can read more of their story in our latest book, Marriage Off Course.


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Beyond Hope?

B497DF7A-9077-4A35-BEA4-848CD1F4207DMany would argue that Carolyn’s marriage was beyond hope. Her husband moved out. They divorced. He remarried and even moved out of the country.

Against all odds. Against all hope. Carolyn kept seeking God. Following Him. Being content with only Him.

And one day, the tide began to turn.

With God, we are never beyond hope. NEVER.

You can read more of Carolyn’s story (and those of many others) in our new book, Marriage Off Course: Trusting God in the Desert of Unwanted Separation and Divorce.
MOC Cover

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What To Do When Your Spouse is Done

Our newest book will be released on November 20th! Marriage Off Course offers tangible tools to navigate through the desert of a broken marriage. Bits and pieces of our story are included, as well as the hopeful stories of many others. In addition, the book is full of counsel and encouragement. Christian Book Distributors is currently offering the best preorder price at the link below. We do not keep any funds received from the sale of this book. It is donated back into the ministry. Consider purchasing a copy for a pastor, church, counselor, family member, or friend.

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Our Final Engagement of this Mission!

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Sharing in Shiprock

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Day 1 Video – 2018, Fall Marriage Mission

Heading out on our 17th Marriage Mission Trip in the morning!

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