Day 10 – Off the Beaten Path

Once again on this mission we have encountered God off the beaten path, in lonely and far away places. From the Navajos in the deep canyons of Chinle to a campfire with missionaries in Fort Defiance. Yesterday it was the drive west as we make our way toward meetings and engagements in Portland. Unbelievable majesty in out of the way places.

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Our Rock

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Day 1 Video – 2017 Marriage Mission Trip

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First Stop, Chinle, AZ!

JoeGerri_0018revsWe feel extremely blessed to be embarking on our 15th Marriage Mission Trip this week. Our first stop is Chinle, AZ where we will serve alongside the amazing couple you see pictured here. Joe and Gerri Begay pastor Grace Community Fellowship in the heart of the Navajo Nation. They were married and divorced from each other three times before reaching up to God many years ago. Please pray for them, for us, and for all the people we will serve together this weekend.

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The Power of the Testimony

YMGMCoverOur new book went to press today. Seven years from concept to print, but we have learned that good, God-things take time.

Throughout the book, which will be released on October 24th, readers will find QR codes linking them to video testimonies of couples who are set on God’s mission. We thought we’d “celebrate” today and share one of those videos with you here.

Meet Pedro and Tania. This amazing couple has a few words to say about faith and God’s mission for their marriage.

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A Little Help from our Friends

We aren’t good at asking for help. But the truth is, we need some. We’re currently assembling a series of teams to help us launch our newest book, “Your Marriage, God’s Mission–Discovering Your Spiritual Purpose as a Couple” which will be released on October 24, 2017. So, we’re asking. Help?

Social Media Launch Team: This involves sharing quotes, images, and other information about the book on your social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and/or Instagram. We give you the items to share. All you have to do is share them. Simple.

Book Launch Prayer Team: This involves praying for the book’s release for 30 days. We provide you with a day-by-day prayer guide. Super easy. Extremely powerful.

Book Review Team: This involves pre-ordering a copy of the book on Amazon ($10.57) or ($11.99) reading it, and posting a one, two, or three-sentence review on either or both sites. The review must be posted within 20-30 days after you receive your copy. (P.S. ALL funds we receive from sales go back into the ministry. We keep nothing.)

So…there you have it. Any takers for one, two, or all three teams? Email us at THANK YOU.



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Fall, 2017 Marriage Mission

Plans to embark on another marriage mission trip are underway. We don’t know exactly where we’re going, but God does. We just know that we’ll leave from the front door of our Arizona home and serve spouses and churches in the west. If we can be of service to you, email us at

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