Day 2 – Stretch Everything

When we travel so many miles back-to-back day after day, we have to stop frequently, walk, and stretch. Funny how these missions also require a huge stretch of our faith. EVERYTHING is different on the road: routines, expenses, sleep, food, expectations, relationships, focus. Nothing is “normal” or “comfortable”…but maybe that’s a good thing.


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2 Responses to Day 2 – Stretch Everything

  1. Pat Hazelwood says:

    Hey guys, We met in Cincinnati. I am excited about your mission and I look forward to hearing all about what God is doing through you! You are right about the stretch, and God will use that flexibility to take you where the need is the greatest. He will truly prepare you for the next part of the bunny trail, but thank God for the little carrots along the way 🙂 Happy trails my friends, we are praying with you. John and Pat Hazelwood Strengthening Kindred Hearts

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